We’ve been gone on our annual trek into the wilderness for the last week and there’s laundry to do and photos to sort and gear to de-funk and emails (and emails and emails…) to read. And next week is back to work and back to summer camp and there will be school supplies to buy […]

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Hood Boys Appreciation Weekend

In 2008, mid-June became all about celebrating my favorite boy — and my other favorite boy. Colt’s birthday typically falls within a few days of Father’s Day so it’s all about the boys around here. This year, we were overdue for a trip to see Ninny and Pop in Arkadelphia so we headed south for […]

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Nacho Average Baby Shower

After throwing such a festival of nonsense for Laura’s chickens last fall, Becky and I knew we couldn’t just host a normal, traditional baby shower for Laura and Leo. We had a reputation to uphold. I stopped just short of putting a margarita glass in its little baby hand, but I think this introduces the […]

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Summer is Half Full

I used to come right out and say it. Summer Hours! I’ll blog when I feel like it!¬†And it helped with the guilt I inevitably feel every time I realize just how much time has lapsed since my last story, and how many precious details may be lost forever to my terrible memory. This summer, […]

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Face it

Timehop reminded me of this today: And got me thinking. As I let out a deep sigh and thought, “oh… that FACE,” I realized I’ve, unintentionally, been taking more photos of Colt’s face lately. Just his face. And I love it. The eyelashes, the lips, the freckles. The serious stare. The goofy — and now […]

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