So far, so good.

He brought home a booklet titled “All About Me.” Pages of his little scrawl and colored pictures of his favorite things in life: Pokemon, football, and the color green. And this. “Is this us, Buddy?” “Yep. That’s Daddy, me, and you. On the fence.” We take the same photo in the same spot on the […]

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The Ice Bucket Bandwagon

Conveniently, I don’t even have to explain it to you. The #icebucketchallenge. The origins of the challenge are incredible and moving… And the way it’s taken on cult status through the magic of social media is nothing short of mind-boggling. So when I was challenged yesterday — I had to make a choice. The challenge […]

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Is it just me or does First Grade sound about ten times older than Kindergarten? We did all the things. All the first day of school things. We took your photo at the house, in the shirt you specifically requested — Washington Wildcat colors, Mommy. And a collar. We posed by the sign, we walked […]

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Life via Colt Cam

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? [Don't see a video? CLICK HERE.] And THANK YOU to Jennifer and Luke for letting us crash their family weekend with parents and in-laws for an evening dip. You are too good to us, and this fish-child of ours.

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Adventurer in Training

One of the most common questions we get before, during, and after one of our hiking trips is when and if we’ll be taking Colt with us someday. If?  Of course! When?  Who knows. We DID run into a family in the Glacier backcountry hiking with three daughters — two 13ish girls, and an 8 […]

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