Christmas 2014 :: the pre-party

I’m not crafty or particularly Pinteresty. Our Elf on the Shelf doesn’t make cute messes and sometimes hangs out in the same spot for days in a row. I don’t really bake and my Christmas tree is no more than a step or two beyond Charlie Brown. But I try. I was just telling a […]

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2015 :: Enough

Why do these posts always start with an audible sigh? Last year, I boarded the “one word” trend train at the suggestion of my friend, Jackie, and I loved the idea of throwing out traditional New Year’s resolutions in favor of a single word. ONE. WORD. That sounded easier. More manageable. It felt like cheating. […]

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Welcome to the party, 2015!

There is writing and reflecting of 2014 left to do, and certainly there is proper planning and mental preparation for 2015 left to do — but for now? Nonsense. Lots and lots of nonsense. I love this photo of Colt and Scout so much. Ninja swords + nunchucks + New Year’s tiara + sparkling grape […]

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Oh, these turkeys.

It’s nearly impossible to write a non-cheesy post about Thanksgiving, but every potentially sappy, cliché thing I am thinking about our holiday week and our Thanksgiving dinner with friends-who-know-they’re-family — all those things are true. We spent Thursday with friends. The kids played outside, periodically poking their flushed little faces inside the back door to […]

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I’m thankful for sunshine. I’m thankful for friendship, and days at the park. And I’m thankful for these cheeky, giggly, entertaining little faces.

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