Field Day | Let the games begin!

Neither of my sisters has kids and I happen to have a particularly entertaining one, so when they get a chance to hang out with him it goes a little something like this: Aunt Laura: Are you for sure not coming to graduation? Me: *sad, pouting emoticon* Aunt Laura: You owe me the biggest grad […]

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Chat Rooms, Dial-Up, and the Legend of SarahMcow

Once upon a time it was 1994. A Clinton was in the White House, the Olympics were in Lillehammer, and my family got its first taste of the internet. AOL. Or America Online, as it was known then. In those days, a single AOL account was only allowed five screen names and there were six […]

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Made to be broken

T-ball, we’ve decided, is much more his speed. Basketball was fun, but it didn’t allow for the gaps in attention span found naturally in this particular five year old. He would lose interest for a few seconds and the game was already at the other end of the court, just like that. T-ball, on the […]

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That’s what happens when you #tcoyos

Almost a month ago now, the tribe got back together and confirmed that lightning can indeed strike the same place twice. If you remember back in the fall, I mentioned a group of women — writers — I’d found over the past few years who have motivated and challenged me in ways I never knew […]

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America’s Pastime

I had a hectic Friday. Daddy was out of town and I had meetings lasting so late I had to have Bec Bec pick you up from school. I rushed from work to meet you, rushed you across town to baseball practice, changed your clothes in the car, (made a mental note to bring my […]

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