Glacier, Part 3 | Graupel in July & Going to the Sun

This post is part of a series, click here for the full story. | day 5 | There seems to be a single day during each trip that stands out for its level of challenge. And while – at the time – it’s hard and we may momentarily question our motivation to do such physically […]

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Glacier, Part 2 | This Moose be the Place

This post is part of a series, click here for the full story. | day 3 | There are two little words that are music to the ears of backpackers everywhere. Two little words that relieve aching shoulders, soothe tired feet, and trigger shared smiles over early morning mugs of camp coffee and granola. Day […]

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Glacier, Part 1 | Bridges, bears, & backcountry

One good look around the airport in Kalispell was all it took. Montana was love at first sight. We weren’t even out under the “big sky” yet, but the unmistakeable laid-back vibe — made me wanna go buy some Chacos. And a Subaru. We easily grabbed our single checked bag from the carousel and headed […]

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Take a Hike

Tomorrow is August Eve, and I refuse to let July slip by without so much as a check-in. With a quick, confirming glance at the archives, I have blogged at least once in every single month since March 2005 — and there’s no reason to break that kind of record! So. July. Man, I owe […]

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A Story to Tell

I wear the same bracelet every day, but it’s anything but a fashion accessory. After wearing it every day for almost seven years, my feelings about it have evolved. At first, the story was fresh. Most people in my day-to-day life had heard the news, were aware of the circumstances, and many even knew Tom. […]

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