Angry Feet

I was waiting for confirmation before I mentioned it, and I got the phone call this week. Diagnosis: Angry Feet. After a marathon, things hurt. And after the Un-Marathon that was Little Rock this year, things definitely hurt. But after a week of shorter recovery runs I thought would shake it out and get me […]

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And three quarters

We started out tracking your age in days. We graduated to weeks, then months, and finally years. But the excitement and impatience that comes with being five has us regressing a bit. You’ve been telling people “5 and a half” since Christmas, which you must have learned at school where I’m sure it’s vitally important […]

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The Little Rock Un-Marathon

In the friendly, neighborly South, introductions usually include a “Where’re y’all from?” And like most Army kids, that part is usually followed by a slight hesitation from me and a “well…”. I sense I’ll have that same hesitation when talking about marathons from now on. “How many marathons?” Well… It looked like a marathon. It […]

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Just say no… to rodents.

The kiddos have been learning about heart health at school, and it prompted both a recitation (which I have yet to capture on video) and a “Just Say No” discussion. You can have a healthy heart It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Eat healthy stuff Move around enough Live tobacco free! Me: Buddy, do you know […]

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So… balance.

I sat right here a month ago and declared 2014 the year of Balance. You were here! You remember!  And no sooner did I hit “Publish” on that well-meaning vision of the upcoming, reasonably-balanced, appropriately-prioritized year than February materialized as anything but. *sigh* So here we are, March. I belong to a Facebook group with […]

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