Silver Dollar City | A Weekend Adventure

At some point mid-August, my friend Eileen and I realized neither of our families had plans for Labor Day Weekend. And we’ve been talking about taking the kids on an overnight playdate for months. So it came together — as the best plans do — just that easily. Silver Dollar City. Labor Day Weekend. Done. […]

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First Tailgate of the Season

Sure, school started and we were “back to the routine” after the summer, but the routine wasn’t truly complete before this past weekend. NOW we’re “back to school”. Hood family fall Saturdays mean college football and everything that comes with it in this town. Usually, we are melting in the late summer Arkansas heat during […]

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So far, so good.

He brought home a booklet titled “All About Me.” Pages of his little scrawl and colored pictures of his favorite things in life: Pokemon, football, and the color green. And this. “Is this us, Buddy?” “Yep. That’s Daddy, me, and you. On the fence.” We take the same photo in the same spot on the […]

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The Ice Bucket Bandwagon

Conveniently, I don’t even have to explain it to you. The #icebucketchallenge. The origins of the challenge are incredible and moving… And the way it’s taken on cult status through the magic of social media is nothing short of mind-boggling. So when I was challenged yesterday — I had to make a choice. The challenge […]

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Is it just me or does First Grade sound about ten times older than Kindergarten? We did all the things. All the first day of school things. We took your photo at the house, in the shirt you specifically requested — Washington Wildcat colors, Mommy. And a collar. We posed by the sign, we walked […]

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