14 miles, 14 smiles.

I knew this day would come.

I had no business running 14 miles today. First, Jeff was sick and truth be told he’s only really back up to 90% or so. Then, I was sick. I fought it all week — missing work, working from home, resting and resting, but not sleeping well. But I woke up this morning feeling well […]

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Grown-up Christmas List

In 1992, I was 10 years old and over the moon to find (what we called) a stereo under the tree with “To: Sarah, From: Santa” scrawled in suspiciously familiar script. And in my stocking, my very first CD. Amy Grant, Home for Christmas. The perfect way to enjoy my new “boombox”. I must have […]

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Common Ground

After a weekend of Halloween festivities capped off with an up-all-night, sugar-fueled sleepover with friends, he was probably ready to crawl onto the couch and spend the balance of his Sunday staring at NFL RedZone and insisting he wasn’t tired. A few days ago, I’d pictured today going down much like that — the forecast […]

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Let me tell you about my brother

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of us. It is utter nonsense. We were supposed to clear plates after dinner one night, and one of us decided it would be fun to do that “together”. So I am indeed clearing the plates one at a time — from dining room to kitchen — […]

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Fun on the 4th with Friends who are Family

Everybody needs THOSE family members. You know the ones? The ones that invite you to visit, but when the weather tries to ruin the full holiday weekend of activities they have planned — they smile with you and make the best of it. They don’t flinch when the whole house is still in their jammies […]

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Because football can be recorded

Maybe we over-scheduled our last few months and the weekends got away from us. Maybe the weather forecast was too beautifully tempting. Maybe we just couldn’t bear to part with summer – just yet. Y’all, we don’t miss too many home football games — our wedding date nine years ago is evidence enough of that! […]

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The Saatchi Mile

It started with cheese fries. College student by day and bartender by night, I was staring down the barrel of graduation with no real plan. I hadn’t spent my summers working internships, and I knew I didn’t have it in me to tackle grad school. I was less than a semester away from a Marketing […]

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