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I’m back!

2 things. First, below are answers to the Friday the 13th (which seems like an eternity ago now) quiz questions. Who is more likely to die in a car crash? The Correct Answer: Farmers. Country living may be associated with a slower, safer way of life, but the stats don?t bear that clich? out. In 2005, […]

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Friday the 13th Quiz!

Who is more likely to die in a car crash? Yuppies. Salesmen. Dog owners. Farmers. Which of the following may influence your chances of being killed by a tornado? Owning an HDTV. Being divorced. Wearing shiny, red slippers. Driving a pickup truck. What makes a woman more likely to be murdered? Wearing heavy makeup. Owning […]

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Thursday July 12, 2007

At what point in life do you realize what you are “good at” – and whether it is different than what you thought you were “good at” or what you want to be “good at?”  

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Cow Appreciation Day!

I am happy to pass along to you this news: Chick-fil-A is celebrating Cow Appreciation Day Friday, 13 July. Help Us Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day. Wear A Cow Costume, Get A Free Combo. The handout I have even has the following fine print: “Cow costume” requires effort to be fully dressed like a cow from […]

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Texicans 2007 038_edited

2nd Annual July 4th Float Trip!

    I apologize that these took so long to post! These are photos from the 2nd Annual July 4th Elk River Float Trip. Feel free to check out last year’s pictures for fun. Michelle, Melinda and Scotto came up from Dallas for the week and we had SUCH a good time. All of these […]

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