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2014: off to a running start

You know those parents who hold off on naming a new baby until they meet him in the hospital? Typically, they have a few favorite names in mind, but they just need to see that little face to determine whether he’s a Jack or a Henry. That’s how I felt about 2014 and my goals […]

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Halloweek | Trick or Treat

After a school party in Colt’s class and costume contest festivities at my office (HIGHLY competitive, especially in the group costume division. This is the same place that hired a real, live camel for Hump Day a few weeks ago — what do you expect?), we trick-or-treated with friends — Amanda, Justin and their kiddos […]

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The camel heard round the world

It’s tough to describe the culture at my office. To college kids at career fairs and candidates during the interview process, I describe it as ‘work hard, play hard’. Over the years that’s the best way I’ve been able to capture the spirit of this place — where stress and stakes are high, but we […]

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South Carolina: Island Time

While work is not a big topic around here, it isn’t because I don’t have a fun, fulfilling job with smart, quirky, supportive people. Because I do! And perhaps my favorite thing about my job is the ‘work hard, play hard’ spirit. We live it. A few weeks ago, I was able to join my […]

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Saturday Survival

Saying things like “we never have plans on the weekend” is like boasting about “never getting sick” during flu season. Knock on wood all you want, but the universe wants you to be wrong. Honestly. We never have plans. A few times a month we have something – dinner plans or a work trip or […]

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