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The Saatchi Mile

It started with cheese fries. College student by day and bartender by night, I was staring down the barrel of graduation with no real plan. I hadn’t spent my summers working internships, and I knew I didn’t have it in me to tackle grad school. I was less than a semester away from a Marketing […]

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The Ice Bucket Bandwagon

Conveniently, I don’t even have to explain it to you. The #icebucketchallenge. The origins of the challenge are incredible and moving… And the way it’s taken on cult status through the magic of social media is nothing short of mind-boggling. So when I was challenged yesterday — I had to make a choice. The challenge […]

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2014: off to a running start

You know those parents who hold off on naming a new baby until they meet him in the hospital? Typically, they have a few favorite names in mind, but they just need to see that little face to determine whether he’s a Jack or a Henry. That’s how I felt about 2014 and my goals […]

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Halloweek | Trick or Treat

After a school party in Colt’s class and costume contest festivities at my office (HIGHLY competitive, especially in the group costume division. This is the same place that hired a real, live camel for Hump Day a few weeks ago — what do you expect?), we trick-or-treated with friends — Amanda, Justin and their kiddos […]

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The camel heard round the world

It’s tough to describe the culture at my office. To college kids at career fairs and candidates during the interview process, I describe it as ‘work hard, play hard’. Over the years that’s the best way I’ve been able to capture the spirit of this place — where stress and stakes are high, but we […]

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