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Oh, these turkeys.

It’s nearly impossible to write a non-cheesy post about Thanksgiving, but every potentially sappy, cliché thing I am thinking about our holiday week and our Thanksgiving dinner with friends-who-know-they’re-family — all those things are true. We spent Thursday with friends. The kids played outside, periodically poking their flushed little faces inside the back door to […]

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I’m thankful for sunshine. I’m thankful for friendship, and days at the park. And I’m thankful for these cheeky, giggly, entertaining little faces.

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Still my favorite smile

Nearly all his friends had been losing teeth for months, but no amount of wishful thinking was going to make his wiggle — much less fall out. At one point, he even had the whole tooth-losing scene pegged as an income source. Someone at school mentioned getting $5 for a tooth and Colt started to […]

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Pumpkins and Pioneering | Halloween 2014

I’m not sure what happened, but we didn’t make it to a legitimate pumpkin patch this year. Instead, Colt pondered and pointed from the safety of the sidewalk while I scaled the less-than-structurally-sound tower of pallets outside Walmart, gingerly stepping around the perfectly acceptable pumpkins on the first, second, and third tiers in search of […]

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The Boys of Fall

So it isn’t actually fall yet, but the weather in Fayetteville today was certainly trying to convince us otherwise. And even though the Razorbacks are playing on the road this weekend, we still got plenty of football action on this beautiful, crisp “fall” Saturday. First game for the Cowboys! All the teams are sponsored through […]

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