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America’s Pastime

I had a hectic Friday. Daddy was out of town and I had meetings lasting so late I had to have Bec Bec pick you up from school. I rushed from work to meet you, rushed you across town to baseball practice, changed your clothes in the car, (made a mental note to bring my […]

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While You Were Away, Part: You!

Sure, sure – we missed our little rascal, but you were off having adventures in the Lone Star State! I fear we may have set the bar high with this first Spring Break — you’ve been back for almost a week and can’t stop talking about it. Not only am I grateful to have your […]

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While You Were Away, Part: Us

While you were away, we drove home from Dallas that Saturday with an empty backseat. We had snapped your carseat into Papaw’s truck before waving goodbye in the parking lot of the restaurant you now love because your twisted-sense-of-humor grandparents taught you to call it “WOW! WHAT a BUR-ger!” On our way back home to […]

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And three quarters

We started out tracking your age in days. We graduated to weeks, then months, and finally years. But the excitement and impatience that comes with being five has us regressing a bit. You’ve been telling people “5 and a half” since Christmas, which you must have learned at school where I’m sure it’s vitally important […]

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Just say no… to rodents.

The kiddos have been learning about heart health at school, and it prompted both a recitation (which I have yet to capture on video) and a “Just Say No” discussion. You can have a healthy heart It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Eat healthy stuff Move around enough Live tobacco free! Me: Buddy, do you know […]

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