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A Green Story

Most nights when I tuck Colt into bed, he asks me for a story. My go-to strategy is to tell him a story of my childhood. Sometimes it’s just a snippet of a memory, but he never minds. He listens and as he asks questions I’m often able to remember more details.  Who else was […]

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Monkey See, Monkey Run :: The Legacy of Cow Paddy

The Cow Paddy is special. Four years ago it was my first race, and since that first Cow Paddy, I’ve been back every year to run my sentimental favorite — the race that started all this running and racing nonsense. This year, The Cow Paddy was an all-new kind of special. Colt has started running […]

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Mommy and Me Mileage

I am beaming. That write-up is in this month’s Peekaboo Magazine. And in fact, he’s not just running the Kids’ Hogeye Marathon in April — we’re also planning to run the Cow Paddy together this Friday. Two races! He has a race SCHEDULE. For the Hogeye, the kids log 25 miles between now and then, […]

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To Make the Best Better

I pined for a horse my entire childhood. I drew pictures of myself with my black and white Paint pony named Dakota, I scoured the Classifieds every weekend, and I dreamed of wearing rhinestones and unnecessarily large belt buckles as a barrel-racing rodeo queen.  But it didn’t matter how many hours I spent studying those […]

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Better late than never

It’s been the winter of sunshine around here, and we are genuinely loving it. We’ve spent more than one weekend in nothing heavier than a sweatshirt, enjoying an unseasonably warm few months while simultaneously keeping an eye on the forecast, certain the snow and ice are just around the corner. After all, it is Northwest […]

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