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Most days the Timehop app brings a smile to my face and an “I remember THAT!” thought to my mind. Today it brought a sad smile and a sizable sigh. Four years ago today, I wrote this. Reading it again today, for likely the first time since I wrote it, was a little painful. As […]

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Life moves quickly. Babies grow up in the blink of an eye and each year flies faster than the last. But it IS possible to slow down, if only for a few hours. Sometimes slowing down looks like a boy and his fishin’ pole. Slowing down looks like a Daddy passing a lifetime of his […]

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Boy on the Run

We ran our first mile together a few months ago and registered for the Kid’s Hogeye Marathon. The race has kids log 25.2 miles leading up to race day and they run that final mile on the course — for a full marathon in total. He’s been talking about it for weeks and has been […]

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Mr. Baseball

Buddy, so far baseball is your sport. You’ve dabbled in football and basketball, too, and you golf with Daddy on the weekends, but baseball is where you’ve managed to start really connecting some dots. For whatever reason, you hit better off the coach’s pitch this year than you did last year off a tee, and […]

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A Green Story

Most nights when I tuck Colt into bed, he asks me for a story. My go-to strategy is to tell him a story of my childhood. Sometimes it’s just a snippet of a memory, but he never minds. He listens and as he asks questions I’m often able to remember more details.  Who else was […]

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