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Chat Rooms, Dial-Up, and the Legend of SarahMcow

Once upon a time it was 1994. A Clinton was in the White House, the Olympics were in Lillehammer, and my family got its first taste of the internet. AOL. Or America Online, as it was known then. In those days, a single AOL account was only allowed five screen names and there were six […]

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That’s what happens when you #tcoyos

Almost a month ago now, the tribe got back together and confirmed that lightning can indeed strike the same place twice. If you remember back in the fall, I mentioned a group of women — writers — I’d found over the past few years who have motivated and challenged me in ways I never knew […]

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The Sausage Making Process

Confession time: I’ve never made actual sausage. But one of my coworkers at the agency is a member of the Krizman family (of Krizman’s House of Sausage fame), and I trust that he knows a thing or two about it. He’s been known to describe the creative process at work as “sausage making”. Meaning, the […]

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2014: off to a running start

You know those parents who hold off on naming a new baby until they meet him in the hospital? Typically, they have a few favorite names in mind, but they just need to see that little face to determine whether he’s a Jack or a Henry. That’s how I felt about 2014 and my goals […]

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Remember 2013?

25 days ago, it was 2013. Man, January flies. By no means have I been putting off posting a highlight reel of our last year. It’s just that, well, do you know how much fun we had in 2013? Do you know how many giggles and memories and photos and moments there are for this […]

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