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Face it

Timehop reminded me of this today: And got me thinking. As I let out a deep sigh and thought, “oh… that FACE,” I realized I’ve, unintentionally, been taking more photos of Colt’s face lately. Just his face. And I love it. The eyelashes, the lips, the freckles. The serious stare. The goofy — and now […]

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The Lovable Sevens

Months ago, Jeff and I joked with Colt we would be handling his birthday a little differently this year. We told him we could do cake and candles and Chuck E. Cheese and the whole nine — but we thought it best he turn six again, rather than seven. We just weren’t ready, we told […]

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Tee Time

The Hoods are a golfing family. Nearly all of them play and have since forever. They play for fun, they take golfing vacations, and even Jeff’s 83-year-young dad still plays several times a week — and doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon. The Martins, on the other hand, are not a golfing family. I didn’t […]

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We can’t remember the last time we had weather this nice, for this many days in a row. Which means lots and lots of front yard baseball. When they start the game they don’t yell, “work ball.”  They say, “PLAY ball”.

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Most days the Timehop app brings a smile to my face and an “I remember THAT!” thought to my mind. Today it brought a sad smile and a sizable sigh. Four years ago today, I wrote this. Reading it again today, for likely the first time since I wrote it, was a little painful. As […]

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