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Buddy’s (Baseball!) Birthday

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too. ― Yogi Berra Buddy, yours is pretty much the only birthday we celebrate around here, ya know. Because it’s your birthday — and the anniversary of our family. And THAT’S something to celebrate. Every year — we pick out the […]

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When things aren’t as easy as they look on the internet :: A Lamzac Hangout Review

Several months ago, I saw videos of the Lamzac Hangout and 100% fell for it. I mean, LOOK. You want one, too, yes? I was in good company because the thing has been on backorder so long I completely forgot about it. But it came in the mail today! So my sister and I rushed […]

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Competitive Sports is a Whole New Ballgame

Jeff, if this is how you feel when the Razorbacks play football… I am sincerely sorry for anything I’ve ever said to invalidate your feelings… I said those words tonight just before cleaning the entire kitchen with my nervous, restless energy. A new season of parenting arrived without warning today.  Competitive sports. Colt’s been playing […]

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That Dress

I am not known for my fashion sense. Last year, I finally came out with it and blogged about my journey to the end of the color wheel and back, but I knew black wouldn’t cut it for the family wedding we attended this weekend. Several weeks ago, as I flipped through my closet of […]

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Reality Check for Super Mom

For weeks, I’ve been secretly patting myself on the back. Keeping all the balls in the air! Work – good! Kiddo and hubby – good! House… clean enough! No one got the flu this year! I’m kinda/sorta/sometimes going to bed at a decent hour! Last week, I spent several days in New York for work. […]

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