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Archive | December, 2012

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Christmas Road Trip | 2012

We really outdid ourselves this year. 8 days, 3 states, 1850 miles, 2 Christmases, ENDLESS food — 3 Hoods and 1 car. Add 1 dodged snowstorm, 2 dangerous cows, 1 NBA game, 5 miniature horses, and 1 rewired chainsaw and you’ve got a party! Instead of giving you the play-by-play of our entire trip, I’ve […]

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Best Laid Plans

It’s been unseasonably warm here for weeks. Months, even. We decorated the tree in shorts, we baked cookies with warm sunshine streaming in the windows — we’ve been enjoying weather in the 60s! But winter had to get here eventually. And it decided to arrive today. We invited Becky and Scott & Tena to join us and we made plans […]

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Death by Sprinkles

The cookies never saw it coming. And Amanda’s kitchen will never be the same. But the kiddos made flour and sprinkles into a new art form. The only downside — deciding halfway through the afternoon that we should have set up a video camera to capture the giggling, shrieking, wiggling, sprinkly fun we were having. […]

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What do you say?

It’s an old Reba song, but I still hear it on the radio sometimes. So what do you say in a moment like this When you can’t find the words to tell it like it is Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way We spent Saturday morning at the Fayetteville National Cemetery, […]

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Missed Opportunity

Though it continues to baffle me, there are companies hell-bent on using costumed characters as roadside advertising. At first, it was the actual costume store, but now it’s everything from the pizza place to tax preparation. You really can’t drive anywhere in this town without being greeted by a gorilla, Lady Liberty, or a big friendly […]

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