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Archive | November, 2012


Fair Warning

I have talked about it for what seems like years, but I am finally, actually moving from Typepad to WordPress. Don’t worry! Everything here is coming with me and I hope (fingers crossed!) you won’t notice any interruption in content or access or anything like that. I’ve found someone who knows far more about these […]

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Every single night I tiptoe into his room before I go to bed myself. He’s been asleep for hours and he’s softly snoring. I don’t have to be that quiet or careful because he got his sleep-through-anything ability from his Mama. But I walk to his bed, lean over, and kiss him on the ears. […]

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Girls on the Run

I thought I might cry a few weeks ago when my friend Abby asked me to be her running buddy in her first 5k. Abby is 9 years old and her school participates in Girls on the Run, a national program designed to give girls a chance to train for a 5k while learning about nutrition […]

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It would probably only take me a few minutes of digging around in my archives to find enough evidence to drive home this point, but why bother? NOT doing the homework in order to make the point almost seems more appropriate. I feel like I write to apologize around this time every year. Apologize for […]

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Monday advice for my favorite boy.

You take your playtime rather seriously. Whether it’s playing football or doctor or fireman or – most recently – worker bee, you insist on dressing the part and staying in character. While we were trick-or-treating last week, you would periodically declare, “Break time!”, then plop yourself down in the middle of the sidewalk with your […]

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