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Archive | May, 2012


Back by popular demand

You’ve waited. You’ve begged. You’ve suffered through posts about running, running and more running. And finally! It’s baaaaa-aaaack! Month of Colt II Coming June 2012. There will be high-flying action, poignant interviews, a mid-month birthday and likely some never-before-published stories and photos plucked from the “archives” of the last few months. (You know what they […]

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Fire Guys

I haven’t mentioned it, but Colt has been diversifying his interests lately. It’s truly a topic for another post entirely so I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say he’s keeping his options open as far as “when I grow up” is concerned. That said, it’s clear he isn’t quite ready to walk away […]

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Well played

When I was pregnant with Colt I was introduced to children's clothing consignment sales.  My friend Nancy told me to check out Rhea Lana's and "get there early".  So I showed up ten minutes before the doors were to open and was floored to see a line of women already wrapped around the building. As […]

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80 Years Young

Eventually we will learn. Only tell Colt about an upcoming trip or event when you are prepared to hear about it every 5 minutes until the big day. Luckily, his anticipation is exciting and adorable – so we don't mind much. When we picked him up from school Friday afternoon as we headed out of […]

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