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Archive | April, 2012

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Still talking about marathons…

Thanks to the new timeline tool I was able to pull this beauty from my Facebook page — one year ago today. So Molly – I can’t say you didn’t warn me… “Gateway drug” is just about right. This won’t surprise about half of you, but I’ve already committed to another marathon. This weekend. I […]

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Sometimes you just need to take a break. And take a walk. And watch the fishies. And sometimes you just have to insist that your “best stick” make the ride home with you. All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. — […]

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The Hogeye

More like The HogWASH, but we’ll get to that. I knew I would only have one First Marathon. Heck, I might only have one marathon. So I wanted to be sure it was memorable. I’m a sucker for a race with a story and atmosphere, and since I couldn’t go to Vegas for my first […]

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I ran, I finished, I loved it. I will post a full recap in the next few days – don’t you worry – but for now, I have a sneak peek. That would be a picture of me pre-race. I was on the phone trying to find Jennifer so we could start together. Remember the […]

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I’m running a marathon tomorrow

It has just occurred to me I never made it blog-official that I changed my original marathon plans. Oops. Surprise! I’m running a marathon tomorrow! I was originally planning to run the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 29, but for various reasons including the steadily increasing temperatures and the lovely thought of sleeping in my […]

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