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Thank God for Google

Saturday morning I was headed out the door for my last long run before the Little Rock Half Marathon next weekend and I grabbed my Garmin off the charger.


You have GOT to be kidding me.

I’m 8 days from my next race and 63 days away from THE race, and my Garmin dies? No no no.

But sure enough, it was completely frozen — wouldn’t power on, wouldn’t charge – nothing.

So I did what any rational adult would do and I threw the piece of expensive junk back into my gym bag and huffed out of the house.

Naked wrist

Naked wrist while running = UNHAPPY Sarah. I posted this picture to Facebook before our run that morning — thanks Facebook friends for the support (and tolerance) of my whining.

We did our 10 miles just fine and I didn’t collapse and die without my watch… but it was a seriously strange feeling to not be able to look down every few minutes and check our pace. I started an inner dialogue with myself about how to get a new watch in the next few days so I could stay on track for training and racing — and how much I would need to spend to get a good one.

Argh! Stupid watch!

But I can’t be the first person ever in the history of Garmin watches to have this problem, right? Surely there’s some other poor sap out there who had this problem AND discovered a solution — and maybe, just maybe, posted about it on the internet. Right?!

But then there’s THIS. Bad things happen when I Google tech advice… Nevertheless there I was, Googling “reboot my Garmin 305”. And wouldn’t you know it, but the very first Google result was all the searching I needed to do. A site called and his ever so helpful post from 2009 titled “How to Reboot a Garmin Forerunner 305 That Locked Up When Recharging on the Cradle and Won’t Power On“.

Step 1: Press Mode (bottom left side button) and Reset (left front button) simultaneously, then let go.

Step 2: There is no Step 2… It will now Power On normally.


Wish I’d taken the 5 seconds to do THAT Saturday morning instead of stomping out of the house and slamming the door in childish frustration behind me.

Live and learn, right?

2 Responses to Thank God for Google

  1. Molly February 27, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    Our crew will be at the half on Sunday too! My parents are running the full. My youngest brother, my two cousins and my aunt and I are all doing the half. It’s going to be a good race!

  2. Sarah February 27, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    I would love to see you guys, Molly! As the last few weeks have unfolded I’ve discovered I might know SEVERAL people running next weekend. I can’t wait for the energy of this race. Just the BUILD UP is giving me energy to run.

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