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Archive | January, 2012


By the book

Whether it’s because I’m embarrassed to admit it or because I simply can’t remember, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since last I had a valid library card. I assume my University of Arkansas student ID doesn’t count so that means it was at least pre-2000, and now I’ve distracted myself with that […]

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The family that Skee-Balls together

1. We had A LOT of fun Wednesday night at Fun City. 2. If you wait until the evening is over and the boys are exhausted, you will be lucky to get a halfhearted yet still (obviously) adorable photo of these cuties. (Colt and Carter. Carter’s parents are longtime friends of ours — Josh and […]

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My Boy

Buddy, Today isn’t your birthday or the first day of school or Mother’s Day or any other traditionally significant day in our lives. It’s just a Monday. And you’re on my mind. You’re so seamlessly part of our lives now I feel like I sometimes take for granted what an incredible little person you are. […]

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I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I kinda love these posts. I love looking back over the year and revisiting our stories and photos and memories. So – as much for me as for you – I present 2011 with the Hoods. January. We started the year with a disappointing Razorback loss in the […]

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And a Happy New Year!

You would have thought it was my first day. Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve run a mile or two and I should really know better than to try and cram for a race. I SHOULD. But evidently — I don’t. After I diligently prepared for back-to-back half marathons in December, I let my legs […]

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