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Archive | December, 2011


Live a Little

We had the following conversation while getting ready for bed Wednesday night — Colt: What's tomorrow, Mommy?Me: Thursday, buddy.Colt: And we don't have school?Me: Nope.Colt: So I can wear my jammies ALL DAY? And we did, mostly. But Colt couldn't resist the urge to spice things up a bit.

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We are only human after all

I haven't posted music or lyrics in a while, but I heard this at the end of one of my favorite shows last night and I can't get it out of my head. It's so peaceful and the words are beautiful. Enjoy.   HUMAN AFTER ALLMusic & Lyrics by: Sierra Noble & Michael Logen ? […]

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A Boy and His Dog

Monday afternoon on the way home from school. "Mommy, Santa needs to bring Chip something for Christmas. He needs some doggy toys." Sure, he may technically belong to my parents and live with my Dad in San Antonio, but just try convincing that little boy Chip isn't HIS dog. He just removes the complexity of […]

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You think you know a kid…

The Christmas momentum continues to build around here and I wish Colt could be 3 1/2 for the holidays every single year. His questions about baby Jesus are precious, his excitement and adoration for Santa Claus are heartwarming, and his impatience to get the heck to his grandparents' houses this week is something we all […]

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As different as night and day.

I ran a half marathon. Again. I know it looks crazy, but let me explain. I didn't originally intend to run two in a row, it just kinda happened. I was training for the Vegas race the first weekend of December and as I started meeting more local runners and doing my weekend long runs […]

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