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Archive | November, 2011


Good question

Conversation while mixing pumpkin muffin batter tonight: Colt: (Pointing into the bowl.) What's that Mommy?Me: It's what you get when you squeeze a pumpkin.Colt: *confused look*Me: You know what a tomato is, right? Colt: Uh huh.Me: Do you know what you get when you squeeze a tomato?Colt: *pause*Me: Ketchup! And when you squeeze a pumpkin, […]

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Herbed Green Bean Casserole

The best green beans you’ll ever eat

Almost ten years ago my friend Autumn invited me to a Taste of Home Cooking School event. I went for purely social reasons, of course, as I lived by myself and had neither the inclination nor the motivation to cook anything beyond microwave popcorn or Hamburger Helper. I kept the cookbook from that night and […]

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Veterans Day 5K

I know! I said I wasn't doing anymore 5Ks for a while… Getting ready for the half marathon… Longer runs on the weekends… I know! But some friends were talking about running a local 5K on Veterans Day weekend that would benefit the Fayetteville National Cemetery, and I couldn't say no. The atmosphere for the […]

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This is the first year Colt has been even remotely interested in the excitement and anticipation of holidays. And if he was this excited about Halloween… I cannot wait until Christmas! Fall means a trip to the pumpkin patch, of course, and I'm beginning to think Northwest Arkansas has gotta have more pumpkin patches and […]

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