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Archive | August, 2011


Not over till it’s OVER

Friday night, Jeff and I each had dreams about running. Jeff dreamed I ran Saturday morning's 5K in 29:15. I dreamed the race ended in a cave — and the last 100 feet was a progressively slim crevice. All the runners were squeezing themselves through this tiny crack in a dark, slimy cave in order […]

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Life Happens

Right? I don't have to tell you people that things are busy. Work is busy. Home is busy. Summer is busy. School is busy. Yadda yadda yadda. Without ever consciously deciding to do so, I gave myself a break for the summer. A break from blogging. Kinda. We had a few trips planned, I was […]

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For the Grapes

The forecast said storms. The kind denoted on the five-day calendar by not only rain, but little gray clouds and lightning bolts. I went to bed early Friday night having run well all week and feeling prepared for a good race Saturday morning. I was bummed about the rain, but I decided I could live […]

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New Wheels

I decided I need a bike. I haven't been on a bike in at least ten years — maybe more like fifteen. But I've been looking for something productive to do on days I'm not running and a bike seemed like the logical choice. Lucky for me, I know people. Bike people. My friend Ross […]

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