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Archive | June, 2011


Humidity and Hardware

In Northwest Arkansas we have hills. In south Arkansas they have humidity. I can now honestly tell you I'd trade the humidity for the hills any day of the week. I can walk the hills if I need to… but there's no escaping that heat. Saturday morning, Jeff and I got up early and drove […]

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Birthday! Again!

It's true. We are low maintenance birthday people. No big parties and no fuss. I suppose it's fair to say we "observe" birthdays rather than "celebrate" them. But somehow, this year, we managed to celebrate twice. Once when my parents were here for Mother's Day back in May. And again when we went to Jeff's […]

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Big Boy Birthday

18 June 2011 Buddy, Every night before bed – and every other chance I get – I ask you, "who are you?" And you tell me, "Mama's baby. And Daddy's boy." Just so you know, I plan on asking you that question as often as possible for the rest of your life, and I expect […]

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Ignorance is bliss

There are many individual windows of time during the course of parenting a child that you should not take for granted. Everyone tells you to travel and go to restaurants when your child is an infant because it gets much, much more difficult to do these things as you begin to factor in mobility and […]

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