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Archive | May, 2011


Everything is as it should be

I married a really good guy. And I usually show my love and respect for him by NOT writing about him on my blog. Since Colt was born, I've had to push some boundaries by showing Jeff in more photos here and there, but I try to be respectful of the fact that I am […]

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My Journey to the Big 3-0

No, not THAT 3-0. Though it will be here before I know it, I'm sure. This weekend I was poised and ready to break the 30 minute mark for a 5K. I had seen the flyer for this cute little race in my goody bag from the Cow Paddy 5K back in April. Seriously. How […]

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Plenty of Time to Panic

It is T minus 30 days until my precious angel snowflake baby wild monkey-child turns three. THREE, people. Terrible Twos be damned. Time marches on. And you would think – with a full year to prepare – Moms would be better at this stuff. And, to be fair, I was. I think I'm slipping. Right […]

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