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Archive | March, 2011


Conversation while getting Colt dressed for school this morning — Colt: [Out of nowhere.] He's broke.Mama: What?Colt: BROKE, Mama.Mama: Who's broke?Colt: Lightning.Mama: Ahh. Well, who will fix him? [Expected Answer: "Doc", character in the movie responsible for, you know, fixing things. Would also have accepted "Mater".]Colt: Bob the Builder. Well, naturally.

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1000 Good Reasons

I don't really run. We've covered this. Remember? But! I recently committed myself to running anyway. Because I'm that kind of crazy. And because I have this curious urge to do and try things — that I've never done or tried. That's right, this running nonsense is on my Life List. It's official. Right there […]

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Free Speech – Like It or Not

This week on my local news, I saw coverage of a local ad campaign sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Coalition of Reason (NWACoR). They have placed a billboard that is causing QUITE a stir. The billboard reads: Are you good without God? Millions are. Understandably, the issue is intensely polarizing and has inspired everything from […]

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