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Archive | February, 2011



Having convinced ourselves that getting two adults AND a baby all washed and ready for church every week was just WAY too hard, we had taken a break from church for awhile. Then we attended the very first service of The Harbor on February 7, 2010 mostly in support of our good friends Nancy and […]

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Going nowhere fast

I'm not a good driver. DID YA HEAR THAT? I'm. Not. A. Good. Driver. (Insert obvious and easy joke about women drivers here.) But here's the thing. It's not the functionality of the car I struggle with and it's not the actual rules of the road. I don't get tickets or have wrecks. I try […]

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Pity Party

Stupid headache. Stupid sinuses. Stupid Arkansas weather won't make up its stupid mind. -6 degrees… 74 degrees… Stupid laundry doesn't wash its stupid self. Stupid pants don't fit right when I haven't been to the stupid gym in way too long to stupid mention. Stupid sickness won't leave my poor little family alone. Stupid going […]

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Things that go – v2.0

In December, we saw my parents a few times for my sister Laura's wedding and then for Christmas. To my knowledge, these are the only times Colt has ever laid eyes on my Dad's car, a silver Toyota Prius. So after seeing the car a few times, listen when I tell you my 2 year old […]

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Be careful what you wish for.

You guys, I JUST wrote this. And I totally meant it. Technology isn't everything. Yada yada. Living life unplugged. Yada yada. Let's just say you should be careful what you put out into the universe. It WILL bite you. That was Friday. And by Sunday afternoon, I was eating each of those words, one by […]

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