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Archive | January, 2011


Mama said

Right? There'll be days like this? As I started my day by walking into the living room to see Colt perched on the couch with a box of Whoppers on his lap, I was reminded of the delightfully unpredictable nature of life in this house. And as I quickly made my way across the room to remove said box of […]

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Warm my heart

I can say with almost complete certainty that the temperature in my house is lower than the temperature in your house. Right now. And during the day. And during the middle of the night. Just trust me. For various reasons that aren't all that interesting, we keep the thermostat pretty low during the winter and everyone […]

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Snow Day Traditions

We don't have too many traditions, but this is one we've managed to uphold since the year we were married. Our annual family picture in the snow. We head outside at the first sign of snow — it's a bonus if we manage a picture in actual FALLING snow. We were a little slow on the trigger this […]

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The spice of life

Conversation while putting on jammies tonight — Mama: What did you have for supper tonight?Colt: Grilled cheese. (Sounds more like "goat cheese" when he says it, but I'll take it!)Mama: You like grilled cheese?Colt: Uh huh.Mama: What else do you like to eat?Colt: Cheese.Mama: And what else?Colt: Bread.

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Just write.

I've been phoning it in lately, hoping no one would notice. I've been trying to distract you with photos and videos and short bursts of commentary, but I've reached my breaking point. Must. Write. Something. Of. Substance. This last week, I did something for the very first time. I wrote a story. Someone else's story. […]

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