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Archive | November, 2010


I took pictures of everything but the food.

There are probably families out there that ate more food and watched more football and spent more time doing absolutely nothing than we did this week, but there can't be many. We spent about 80% of the weekend on the floor playing. Cars, Legos, cars, dominos, cars. Ninny dragged out some of the Matchbox cars Jeff had as a […]

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Humble pie

It's a pretty humbling experience – this parenting thing. You're trusted with this little person – and you're responsible for everything. Everything from his physical wellbeing, his health and growth to his emotional development, his behavior and his manners. It's up to you to teach him to be kind and loving and responsible. But it's […]

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My other brother

I met Jason at the Newark Airport in May 2005. I was arriving from Northwest Arkansas to help Tom celebrate graduation from West Point and Jason had driven over from the Academy to meet his family just arriving from Mississippi and waiting for their luggage at the carousel next to mine. We both recognized each […]

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So we live out in our old vanTravel all across this landMe and you We'll end up hand in handSomewhere down on the sandJust me and you Just as freeFree as we'll ever beJust as freeFree as we'll ever be We'll drive until the city lightsDissolve into a country skyJust me and you Lay underneath […]

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