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Archive | September, 2010


This is my town

It's probably not a big deal to most people to live in a single place for ten years, but I've lived in Fayetteville longer than I've lived anywhere in my life. Just sitting here now, I can count nine different addresses I've had in those ten years – and I've probably missed a few – […]

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Most kids have a blanket. Or a teddy bear. Some breed of "lovie" that gets them through tough times and accompanies them to bed each night. We've never been against this concept, and have actually provided a handful of such "traditional" lovies as options over the last 27 months. But Colt's never seemed interested to […]

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See you in September

Today is the last day of summer. And I'm already looking forward to next year. A few months ago I wrote a piece for Peekaboo Magazine about the beautiful simplicity of summer. In the piece, I challenged other Moms – other families – to give themselves a break from the routine and the schedules and […]

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Children should be seen and not heard?

Don't you just love it when you come across a real, live news story that you swear is straight from the pages of The Onion? Here. Read this article my friend Leah shared with me. The definition of "newsworthy" could warrant its very own post — so we'll sidestep that and jump feet first into the […]

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