Boy are we ever in the "mimic and imitation stage". Lately, it's gotten serious. He has always enjoyed watching Jeff mow the yard, but since the arrival of the new mower a few months ago — he's been able to step it up a notch.

Last night, he started out supervising from the back deck.

Summer 061_edit

His curious little eyes watched Jeff mow back and forth across the grass. Our neighbors' house blocks the sun pretty well in the evenings and it was nice in the shade.

As Jeff rounded the side of the house, Colt made his way down the steps to follow him and I decided to try something I had previously thought would never work. As he walked down the steps, I asked him to sit still and smile for Mama. And HE DID IT.

 Summer 056_edit

In the spirit of accurate storytelling, I tried it again 4 seconds later and had no luck. But LOOK. SITTING STILL.

As soon as we hit the front yard, Colt made a beeline for the garage. Supervising over. Time to get in the action.

Summer 073_edit

He doesn't know the word "lawnmower" yet, so he refers to it as a "car". We're working on it. That – and the poor guy's confusion that "hot" and "outside" don't necessarily mean the same thing.

Summer 074_edit

After a short mower tune-up, he was ready to roll. And he diligently followed Jeff back and forth across the yard, carefully imitating everything he did.

Summer 077_edit

Summer 070_edit

A mid-mow high five for motivation.

Summer 076_edit

Luckily, our yard isn't very big and it doesn't take too long to mow it. Perfect for the attention span of our little guy. When they were done, Colt ran to get the brooms so they could sweep off their mowers. This might have been my favorite part. He had on his Serious Face.

Summer 080_edit

Summer 079_edit

All good things must come to an end. But I will be earmarking these photos and digging them out when Colt is 14 and wants nothing to do with yardwork. That's what Mamas are for.

Summer 054_edit

4 thoughts on “Earning his keep

  1. That little guy is seriously the cutest. What a face!

  2. What a smart kid. He can come mow my lawn too.

  3. My lawn is ready. :) Great job Colt!

    1. He trims bushes now, too!

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