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Archive | June, 2010


Where the Boys Are

Colt's birthday fell on Father's Day weekend again this year – as I suspect it will most years. Which is FINE with me. It makes for a fun weekend filled with my favorite boys. On a whim, I sent a camera to school with Colt on Friday in case they did any fun birthday stuff. I honestly […]

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Happiest Birthday

18 June 2010 Buddy, Here we are again. June 18th. I think this one came faster than last year. But, if it?s possible, I think we packed even more fun into the second twelve months than we did the first twelve months. Two years. Golly. It's hard to put into words how much you mean […]

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Among my group of girlfriends at work, I’ve always secretly considered myself The Normal Friend. I didn’t really spend time dwelling on it, and I honestly never put it into words before now, but I always just assumed they all thought of me that way. We eat lunch together at least once a week, and […]

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Several people have asked so I thought I'd just give you the skinny. You may have noticed there are a few new features on the blog these days. I've decided to cooperate as part of the Beta Team for TypePad, which means I get to try new stuff before it's widely available. Sometimes it's stuff […]

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