Taking It to the Next Level

If you missed the "bubbles" video last week, go ahead and CLICK HERE to catch up with the rest of us. No, it's ok, go ahead. We'll wait.

I know. He's adorable.

But this week he kicked it up a notch. After the bubbles post last week, my sweet friend Teresa brought Colt some more serious equipment. Apparently I wasn't allowing him to reach his bubble blowing potential.

22monthsB 087_edit 
I'm here to tell you people that bubbles have come a LONG way since I was a kid. And this photo is just the tip of the iceberg. Last week during a trip over to the toy department at Walmart to browse the beach toy selection, we were greeted with nearly an ENTIRE aisle - devoted to bubbles. No longer do kids get the little single serving plastic bottle and dig around for the flimsy plastic wand to blow pint-sized bubbles a handful at a time. Oh no. Now! There is a bubble AISLE in Walmart. With every size and shape of bubble container you can imagine, and battery-operated bubble machines.

Batteries! And bubbles! Leave it to America to take one of the simplest things about childhood and find a way to complicate it with batteries and a power switch.

Anyway. Bubbles! Soap and water. Endless entertainment!

And in the spirit of complicating things, the new bubble equipment above probably needs some explaining. The green refill bottle on the left is pretty basic. Except that Colt thinks I am completely unreasonable for not allowing him to operate this bottle himself. Silly Mama. And the bucket-looking contraption? That's where this bubble thing takes a turn for the 21st century. THAT claims to be a Spill Proof Bubble Bucket! Spill proof, I say! I was pretty skeptical when Teresa brought it to me last Friday, but she has 9 months on me with this whole Mom thing so I try to take her advice. 

The lid unscrews and the bubbles go in the pink part at the bottom. There are three wands that feed through the holes at the top and voila! Spill proof bubbles!

This weekend, the whole spill-proof-bubbles thing wasn't really working out as Colt was irritated that he couldn't A) SEE the bubbles. It took him a while to get that the bubbles were still in there, just poke the little wand through the hole and you're good. Not so much. or B) TOUCH the bubbles. This comes into play later.

So we tried again this week. With slightly more success.

22monthsB 034_edit
He was still a little uneasy when I screwed the top onto the Bubble Bucket, but he gave it a chance. And I made the mistake of letting him watch me pour the big green bottle into the pink tray. Yeah, he's not quite as coordinated as I am… But we had a ball.

Still not too many actual bubbles as he insisted on doing it all himself, usually with both hands at once. And it was a little too chilly for good bubbles anyway, but he didn't really notice. And he's not so much on board with the "blowing" part yet. His method is to put the wand riiiiight up to his mouth and kinda spit onto the wand. I don't have to give you details of the kind of results this "method" produces…  

22monthsB 029_edit
Honestly, this particular day he was mostly interested in the actual mechanics of the Bubble Bucket, determining which wands would and wouldn't fit in which bottle, and the feel of the bubble solution between his fingers. I can't wait to do Science Fair Projects with this kid.

 22monthsB 042_edit 22monthsB 058_edit

 22monthsB 077_edit 22monthsB 079_edit

 22monthsB 088_edit

Please take note of the improper use of the "spill proof" mechanism of the Bubble Bucket. Let's just say I was outvoted.

I'm certain the coming months will bring many more bubbles for this little monkey. And after all, he's gotta keep practicing if he wants to keep up with technology. 

 22monthsB 084_edit


2 Responses to Taking It to the Next Level

  1. Amy April 28, 2010 at 8:18 am #

    Love it! My friend was telling me about a bubble bucket that you pull the handle back and forth and it makes bubbles…no blowing through a wand.

  2. teresa April 29, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    I am so glad colt was able to “take it to the next level” who knows what i might find on the store shelves for him this summer :) Hee hee!

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