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Archive | September, 2009

A Day in the Life

I'm beginning to think I should market Colt as an exercise program. What do you think? He's busy as ever and I caught some of his antics on video this weekend. These days it seems video captures his little energy much more efficiently than photographs. You'll see. Saturday afternoon, the game wasn't quite as exciting […]

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Little Boy. Big Smile.

Every time I sit down to write an update on the little guy for all of his family, friends and fans I think to myself, man he's been growing up so fast lately. Then I remind myself that I will probably think that every month and every year for the rest of his life. He's […]

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In Honor of the Big 1-5

I was completely exhausted last night when I sat down to write an update on the little guy in honor of his 15 month milestone today. So I am saving my photos and update for another day. Maybe Monday. When I have more energy. For now – feast your eyes on a funny little clip […]

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