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Archive | May, 2009

Where The Sidewalk Ends.

How often do you do things that make you uncomfortable? Things that break your Normal, your Everyday? How often do you think, “this is Crazy!” – but you do it anyway? I obviously don’t do it enough. And I’m going to stop sitting back, making excuses for it.

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Vacation! Pictures!

I am always shocked at how exhausted I am when I get back from a week of relaxation… I am back to work today after having a week off (which was WONDERFUL) and find myself checking the schedule of holidays to be certain it's this coming Monday that we are off again, right? Thank goodness.  […]

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And It’s Only 8:30

Wake up at 5:05 to baby sounds. Regret putting Colt to bed exceptionally early last night. – Check.  Feed my baby bird. – Check. Put Colt back in bed for a snooze. Stumble back to bed for another hour of sleep. – Check. Wake up at 6:15, curse the alarm, and decide that another 5 […]

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