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Archive | February, 2009

On the Road

(This is my first attempt at posting via my phone. We’ll see how it goes.) It’s Wednesday night. We’re in the car, driving to Tulsa, headed to Seattle in the morning to be with family. My cousin Sherlock Hirning passed away last night after a SCUBA diving accident on Sunday, and we are traveling to […]

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Take Me To The Track!

I know how to pick 'em! Feast your eyes on my "official" ballot. I filled this out at work on Friday — before I even finished my "Road to the Oscars Moviefest". I believe you can click on that image to see it full size. The starred items are my predictions and the yellow highlighted […]

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And the nominees are…

Granted, this year I have not kept up with the politics and drama that always accompany the Academy Awards— I've had, ahem, other priorities. And, regrettably, I haven't even seen as many of the precursor (and often prophetic) awards shows as I usually would have. Hell, I had to reassess my usual goal of seeing ALL of the […]

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So exciting! Just recently, I had told Jeff that I thought Colt might be one of those kids who walks before he crawls. He was easily rolling around everywhere but showed no inclination to crawl, and I had resigned myself to the idea that he might not EVER crawl. Wrongo! This weekend, just after I […]

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Child’s Play

I had the best day. It started with breakfast with my friend Angela at Neal's Cafe in Springdale. Angela is sort of an expert at discovering "best kept secret" type places and this one does not disappoint. It is a greasy spoon famous for its fried chicken, but has EXCELLENT breakfast. Mom and Dad, we're […]

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