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Archive | January, 2009


Ice Ice Everywhere

We are alive and well! Some of you may have been watching weather reports of ice in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma — and we were right in the middle of what the news is calling, dunh dunh DUNH "ice storm 2009". So dramatic… Actually, they are calling this some of the worst weather of this kind […]

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Fun with Technology

Most of you are probably aware of Google's map feature. You can type any address into Google Maps and get directions, distances, whatever. I use it for everything – whether I want to know how far it is from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Sioux Falls, South Dakota or I need proof of a national cemetery in […]

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Bring on the Rain

Another day has almost come and goneCan?t imagine what else could go wrongSometimes I?d like to hide away somewhere and lock the doorA single battle lost but not the war (?cause) ?Cause tomorrow?s another dayAnd I?m thirsty anywaySo bring on the rain It?s almost like the hard times circle ?roundA couple drops and they all […]

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When you get a haircut…

After watching the first few episodes of the new TLC reality show about the Miss America pageant (DVR has ruined me.) I was so inspired by Miss Florida's hair that I decided to take the plunge. Her hair is longer than mine in most ways – so it will be a (hopefully not too) long and painful growing out process. But I'm […]

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Lawson Michael

At the risk of baby backlash*… Colt's new friend Lawson has arrived! Our friends Lauren and Wes welcomed Lawson Michael on Tuesday morning, 13 January, 7:51 a.m. Lawson weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce and measured 23 inches long. Lawson's been here since Tuesday, and I was finally able to get to the hospital to see […]

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