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Archive | December, 2008


6 months in.

I didn't actually make that cake – but I sure think it's cute. And it's Colt's half birthday! (Yesterday.) Six months. Six months of diapers and cuddles and baby feet. Six months of worrying that has officially put to shame any amount of worrying I only THOUGHT I had done until June 18, 2008.  Six […]

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Sarah’s Wish List

I wish… That I could say I found this photo only after googling "cheesy ridiculous Christmas lights." That I could tell you this house is NOT in my neighborhood. That I could say this house is the same house of crazy people that staged the tree protest, when in fact this means there are (at least) two houses of weirdos on […]

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  I know. I KNOW! It's been 8 days! That's an eternity in blogland. But let me tell you, it's been a hell of a week.  For one, I am really out of practice as far as work goes. It used to be commonplace for me to work through lunch and stay late and go in on […]

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I got an iPod six years after the rest of the world, and was recently heckled at work for disclosing that it's full of country music and showtunes. I do have an iPhone but have been informed by Andrew that apparently I'm not with-it because the only "apps" I have are for my bank and […]

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