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Archive | November, 2008


Peas and Carrots

Sunday night was not our best work. Colt had the sniffles and didn't really know what to do with himself. He couldn't breathe out of his nose very well, so sucking his thumb was a little tricky. And sleeping was darn near out of the question. He finally convinced us that NO ONE would be getting […]

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To Each His Own

I have a lot of respect for personal referrals. When I waitressed in college, I finally started carrying business cards for the girl who cuts my hair because I got tired of writing down her name and phone number every time someone asked for it. And I definitely appreciated the people who actually DID call […]

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ohmygoshmybabyisfivemonthsold! ahh!

Yup. 5 months yesterday. 22 weeks today. When do I get to drop the weeks and just go with months?  "22 weeks" sounds kinda ridiculous. And I'm kinda over the entertainment I get from watching people do the math in their heads when I say his age in weeks. …So 22 weeks… there's 4 weeks in […]

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I am playing hooky today.

And had to look up both the spelling and the actual meaning of the word 'hooky.' Best I can tell, it originates from kids skipping school to go fishing– something like that. Anyway, I'm taking a mental health day. No plans. Thought about going to get a massage – but then thought I would be just […]

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There’s No Accounting for Smell

Evidently I have bad taste in scent. That's right. One of the great desires of my adult life is for people to walk into my house and say, "mmm, it smells great in here." And it's beginning to look like a pipe dream. Which is especially alarming now that there's an urgent need for some […]

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