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Archive | October, 2008


Happy 18 weeks!

These weeks are flying by – by the way. And I'm not quite sure how I got off on my updates – but if you missed the 4-month update this weekend you can check it out HERE. And in celebration of the 18-week milestone – an original song… And for those of you following along […]

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What’s in a Name?

I am slowly getting used to the fact that I have a "daycare baby". He hasn't been sick yet (knock on wood) and he hasn't come home with someone else's clothes or toys — though, to be fair, he's 1 of 2 infants over there, and only 1of 4 total kids in the house. So we have, at […]

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4 Months!

A lot has happened since the last Colt Update! Last weekend was a big one – the Razorbacks won a conference game on the road (Go Hogs!) and we went to Keith and Don's to celebrate Keith's birthday. [His birthday was the 5th, but he's prolonging the celebration all month.]  While at Keith and Don's […]

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