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Archive | August, 2008

Week 10 043_edit4

10 weeks!

In honor of this double-digit occasion, I thought I’d try out a video post. Let me know what you think. Videos will continue to get more exciting as Colt learns new "tricks" — for now he’s getting pretty good at grinning and laughing! We are still recovering from our trip south last week, and gearing […]

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Week 10 142_edit4


As promised — First and foremost, at the risk of jinxing us, I would like to announce that I got 7 (consecutive!) hours of sleep last night for the first time since June 18! That’s right friends – Colt slept through the night. He actually slept 8 hours – but Jeff and I woke up […]

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9 weeks/2 months

I’ve noticed that as people get older – the description of their age is less and less specific. You hear about babies being 6 minutes or 3 hours old, then 2 days old, then it’s weeks – until about 8 weeks, then you get to count months for a while – probably until 24 months, […]

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Colt - 7 weeks old

Where do we stack the empties?

Yes, bottle feeding is coming along nicely. There is still the occasional wrestling match – but Colt’s figured out that eating from a bottle doesn’t HAVE to be torture and he’s decided to comply – most of the time. It’s really put him on a more reliable schedule – which is nice. And I don’t […]

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Week 7 029

What’s so funny?!

Smiling! Laughing, really. I think God knew what he was doing when he decided when babies would smile. It just so happens to be about the time they start crying real tears. While I am learning to handle the tears — the smiles are making up for it! 7 weeks! This week has been a […]

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