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Archive | June, 2008

One step forward, two steps back.

Dear Bill, I understand I have you to thank for inadvertently informing my husband of the existence and accessibility of the "Sports and Information Tier" of cable channels. We were barely scraping by with only three devoted Sports channels, their HD equivalents, and the frequently aired sports programming on network television. Now, (while we are […]

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Colt Edmund 044

Colt: First Week on the Job

It?s hard to believe he?s been here a whole week already! It?s been very exciting ? and I know everyone is anxious for updates on the little guy. We got home late Thursday night after we endured what we gather was one of the more pleasant Labor and Delivery experiences EVER. As Frank and Sarah […]

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Welcome to the 21st Century–

I’ve probably mentioned before that I have never considered myself a "cool kid". And I’m ok with that. I spent weekends in high school playing bassoon and xylophone in the band and traveling the state performing in drama tournaments — instead of… whatever it is that cool kids do.  But today! Today I joined the […]

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