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Archive | April, 2008


“Luck” of the draw…

So unless you’re Laura and you live under a rock — you’ve heard that the government is implementing an “Economic Stimulus Package” over the next several months — attempting to give us all a little extra gas money this summer. And you’ve inevitably seen this:       And maybe even a few of you […]

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Pryor Wedding 016_edited

The Rooster Crows at Midnight…

… and every 30 seconds during the ceremony… Jeff and I went to a wedding this weekend for a friend we both know from school and otherwise. Some of Kyle’s extended family is from Smackover – and good friends with Jeff, and Kyle and I went to college together. So anyway – Kyle and Stephanie […]

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Like a weed.

I am trying hard to convince myself that it is due to the shirt I’m wearing today – but so far it’s not working. 3 separate people have made comments today about how big my belly is getting. Thank God they have been polite and limited their comments to the belly… According to the 33-week […]

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In Honor of Earth Day

It’s raining. Pretty hard. Like it’s dark outside – at 11am. What a downer. I am trying to decide what to do for lunch – since I left my umbrella in the car like an idiot. Do I brave the rain to get to the car to drive in the rain with my sub-par windshield […]

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Worth the wait!

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to update you on our fabulous weekend! It was quite a time, celebrating: Laura’s Birthday Baby Showers (plural!) - YES we had TWO baby showers and a birthday party- all in 24 hours! Laura passed her boards Laura’s Bon Voyage to Africa Family in town to help us prepare for […]

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