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Archive | March, 2008

gas pump 001

Happy Friday.

It’s been a slow news week. Here’s a sampling of NW Arkansas grammar for your entertainment –    Sign welcoming patrons into Tony C’s (formerly Fuzzy’s) on Garland in Fayetteville.                      This one is perhaps the saddest. This was hanging in the window of the hair salon at […]

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John Michael 002

I have a 4 year old at my desk…

…that does not belong to me. A coworker of mine talked tricked me into watching her little boy, John Michael, for 30 minutes this afternoon.  So I had a playdate. And we played tic-tac-toe… on a grid of approximately 20 squares… with Ds and “Balloons” instead of Xs and Os… When he was thirsty, he […]

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According to my books – and my weekly email update from – today is 28 weeks and officially the 3rd trimester! The weeks seem to be flying by – it’s crazy. Exciting, yes. But all the 3rd trimester really means is that I can’t tie my own shoes anymore…   Nah, I’m excited. In […]

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Thursday March 13, 2008

I am losing my mind. Really. About a month ago – before we moved – I ordered a few things from They came in the mail, and 2 of the 3 shirts I ordered, didn’t fit. So after learning the lesson ‘maternity shirts that button up the middle don’t fit me correctly’ the hard […]

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