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Tuesday November 20, 2007

Bad news: I didn’t get to attend a briss yesterday. That’s right. My favorite Jewish couple called late last week (from the hospital!) to hire me to work a party for their fourth baby (the last time I saw them – in March – they had 3 little boys, all under the age of 4).  I got […]

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I’d rather see than be one.

So I watch a lot of ESPN. A lot. More than any girl should. (Especially now, during football season.) And I often surprise myself by how much information I retain. I find myself paying attention to games, scores, players, rankings — weird. So Saturday morning we got up early to get ready to watch the Arkansas-Tennessee game […]

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Rules are made to be broken.

When we first heard the news about the new Sam’s Club moving in across the street from us – we weren’t thrilled. We live on a quiet little street in a pretty quiet corner of town and we didn’t think that Sam with all his traffic and liquor licenses was going to be good for our […]

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