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Archive | September, 2007

28 Sept 2007

On the dot.

So I took this picture a week or so ago – and planned on making fun of it here. Something about inviting you to meet me at the bakery/BBQ on Main Street in Johnson at the strike of goo… But I got distracted and that nugget never made it to the blog before now. But yesterday, […]

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Laura Pen 009

You get what you pay for.

Becky and I drove to Kansas City on Friday to spend the weekend with Mom, Aunt Erlene and Grandma Dorothy. During the drive, whatever disorder it is that causes me to notice patterns in license plate numbers/letters caused me to notice that Becky’s odometer would turn over to 123456 during our drive. So we decided […]

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Service with a Smile

I have more respect than the average bear for people in the service industry. It?s true. I am a good tipper, I try to make things efficient for servers when I can ? I am NOT hard to wait on. In fact, when Jeff and I go to eat, servers should play rock-paper-scissors to get […]

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Wedding Pics 208

Tuesday September 18, 2007

It’s been an eventful few days! This week, the NWA Sam’s Club moved from Springdale to right across the street from us! Which is very much a double-edged sword… We now have Sam’s gas prices and Sam’s Cafe at our immediate disposal — but they’ve added 2 stoplights and about a jillion cars to our […]

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