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Happy Tuesday.

The answers to yesterday's quiz are as follows: 1. Correct Answer – A – teachers' "The school principal tended to spend more of her free time in the hallways with students than in the teachers' lounge with faculty members." If there were only one teacher in the school, then teacher's would be correct. Since the […]

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Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

          1 One of the front page articles on this morning was Is It Wrong to Correct Someone's Grammar? . In the spirit of grammar, I challenge you to a Monday morning quiz. Post your answers in a comment. If anyone gets them all correct (without cheating), I'll see what I […]

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So first a little background. The company I work for (Saatchi & Saatchi X) supports a charity called Thompson Murray Children's Foundation (TMCF). There are various fundraisers throughout the year – large and small. Each month a different department coordinates a fundraiser that involves the entire agency. The month of January was the Creative Department. The […]

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Thursday June 21, 2007

So I haven’t had any Diet Coke since Sunday. I’ve been jazzercising and walking and my pants still aren’t fitting as well as I’d like – so Jeff suggested I shock my system with something unexpected. We came up with ‘no soda’ and so far so good. I haven’t had the headaches I thought I would – but I […]

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Monday June 18, 2007

So I attended some research in Dallas last week for work. We flew in Wednesday night in time for supper and margaritas, and crashed for the night. Thursday was an ENTIRE day of focus groups – in 2 hour increments. Each group was a different “Stage of Mom”. For example, the first group was all […]

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