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Archive | April, 2007

Kings River Falls

Monday April 30, 2007

God help the poor drivers on the road between my house and work this morning. They probably couldn’t actually hear the things I was yelling at them as they were going too slow, too fast, not merging correctly, or just there — but I admit that it wasn’t very nice and might apologize to them […]

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Thursday April 26, 2007

Quote of the Day: “I’m sticking up for the little guy who’s afraid of the big guy who in turn is afraid that the little guys are going to stand on each other’s shoulders and put on a long coat to look like an even bigger guy.” -Stephen Colbert Thanks for the responses to the […]

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Wednesday April 25, 2007

There should be an election channel. Election Network. or The Election Channel. There’s a Weather Channel, a Food Network, a SciFi Channel… If the election is going to start earlier and earlier every time — we might as well prepare for the days (coming sooner than I realize, I’m sure) of solid elections — one election season will […]

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April 22 2007 027_edited

Monday April 23, 2007

This morning I am reflecting on the Johnson Sonic and attempting to identify the turning point in our relationship. The owner/manager/ringleader of this particular location and I did not get off on the right foot and continued to have issues for the first few months. But we have come a long way since those days – the morning […]

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