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Thursday December 21, 2006

Three posts in one day… slow day at SSX…

I just got back from Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of people from work. Until today I’ve had a really lukewarm feeling toward BWW — not my favorite place, but I don’t mind it – hey, I like chicken, right? So, today, we go in there with approximately 20 people. We are in a back area, only people back there, our own waitress. Lots of people to wait on, but whatever.

I order the following: chicken tenders with Honey BBQ sauce, buffalo chips, side of sour cream and a Diet Coke. Of those four things, she got one of them right. First, she brought me a real Coke. Then she brought me 4 Honey BBQ flavored boneless wings and Bleu Cheese (which I’m sure looks a lot like sour cream…). She got the buffalo chips (french fries) right. Applause. ALSO — she brought me my check before she brought the food! The far end of our table got there first and had already ordered and was leaving so she printed out everyone’s check at one time and brought them to the table. She asked me for mine and I told her I didn’t plan on paying for food I hadn’t received (much less eaten) yet. She glared at me. Whatever.

It actually turned out to be one of the cheapest lunches out I’ve had in awhile. Apparently wings are only 50 cents so my 4 wings were only $2 total — the 4 chicken tenders that I actually ordered would have been at least twice that. Also she forgot to charge me for my drink — so I was sure to get one to-go

4 Responses to Thursday December 21, 2006

  1. aycenthehole December 21, 2006 at 2:14 pm #

    I wore my purple shirt today.  I joined Jeff and the UGPO crowd at the Catfish Hole and of course I got tartar sauce on my sleeve and also an unknown substance on the front of my shirt, which I didn’t find until I got BACK to my office….that had to be cute…walking around with God-knows-what on my shirt.  That, along with the previous stain I received at the 36 Club a few weeks ago…it still hasn’t come out…I should try to SHOUT it out.  Just thought I would let you know that your lunch wasn’t THAT bad..!!!  My bill was $19 and some change… and I wonder why I can’t afford to go to Mexico..!!! And then there’s the dry cleaner charge…

    Slow day at Robert Half Technology as well….maybe I should just put my thoughts on my own blog, huh?  Hmmmm….not a bad idea….I’ll have to work on that this afternoon.

  2. ChiquitaQ December 21, 2006 at 10:19 pm #

    I’ve been to Buffalo Wild Wings once. And it was on that one time that my debit card was somehow refused… still not sure why.  But either way I was there with a group of friends- including a guy I had a crush on- so I was a bit mortified and I’ve never been back.  Stupid Buffalo Wild Wings…

  3. TommyM1080 December 22, 2006 at 5:09 am #

    Ah, the horrors of “normal” life…  All the soda over here, whether diet or regular, has arabic writing on the can so you can never really tell what you’re getting.  The “nearbeer” cans are pretty straightforward, though.

    We found a LOT of things that go boom and took them away a few days ago.  Hadji was EXTREMELY upset, but screw him.  Merry Christmas, Achmed…

  4. Beckola December 22, 2006 at 3:01 pm #

    I have yet to eat there, maybe I should and then make something crazy happen so I can share it with ya’ll. It’ll be a bonding thing…

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