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Archive | October, 2006

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Tuesday October 31, 2006

If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see TWO movies in the theater this week! We have plans to see Saw III with Keith and Don tonight. (We have to go out so that we don’t have to “deal with” trick-or-treaters…) And Friday, I have a date with Andrew for dinner and Marie Antoinette! So. I […]

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Monday October 30, 2006

First things first. I listened to a recording from UPS yesterday (I only answered the call from the mystery number because I thought it might be Tom.) that said someone would be coming by to pick up a package from me today… And then they actually did! The bells are gone! So now I’m kinda […]

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Thursday October 26, 2006

The following is an email I received today concerning the infamous bells. (I called again yesterday and reminded them that they’ve been “processing” my return for going on 6 weeks.) Dear Ms. Martin, I have received information from our vendor that they are sending the RA label to us, so we will be issuing a […]

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Thursday October 26, 2006

I’m not really that into Halloween — except for carving pumpkins. My office has a quarterly company meeting tomorrow and apparently “it’s tradition” to have a Costume Contest and otherwise Halloween-themed atmosphere. Along with this, I somehow got duped into helping decorate our floor of the building — unfortunately, this is evidence to support Jeff’s […]

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