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Image22I’m Sarah. I married a cute boy in 2006 to become Mrs. Hood, then gave birth to our munchkin in 2008 and became Mother Hood. Welcome!

Growing up an Army kid gave me a unique perspective but also left me with no good answer to the question, “where are you from?” For now – Arkansas. My family and I make our home in the land of the Razorbacks and we do our best to soak up as much Fayetteville culture as possible.

I love Seinfeld reruns, calling the Hogs, going to the movies by myself, classic country music, a freshly made bed, and (anything and everything in this world topped or flavored with) peanut butter.

I’m a mom. Some girls grow up knowing they want to be mommies. I didn’t, necessarily. Motherhood has been an unexpected and absolute joy, a rewarding challenge — and the best adventure of my life.

I’m a writer and storyteller. Sometimes I call myself a “word nerd”. I love it. I agonize over organizing my thoughts and I get way too excited when I settle on just the right way to craft a story.  Blogging often forces me to expedite all that agonizing and has been nothing if not a powerful lesson in “stream of consciousness”.

I’m a marketer. My day job – as they say – is in Marketing. I started at an agency here in Northwest Arkansas after graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2005. It’s challenging, fun work and learning to balance a full-time family with a full-time career has become something I work at every day.

I’m a traveler. *sigh* It’s a common and cliche answer to “what would you do if money were no option?” but for me… *sigh* I can honestly say I can’t think of a place in this world I wouldn’t like to see. I love the people and their stories, I love the memories made with travel companions, and I love experiencing a culture through sights, sounds, and the unexpected.

I’m a runner. Faster than some, slower than most. I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other since 2010, and – after a lifetime of being anything but athletic – have embraced running with a level of commitment I didn’t know I was capable of having with something like… exercise.

I’m on a mission. There are any number of reasons you may have found me and my little blog, but I hope this is the reason you’ll stick around awhile. I’m on an adventure called parenthood, a mission called life. I’m looking to squeeze every last drop of love and laughter out of this lifetime. Join me.

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I started writing here on March 9, 2005 and chose the oh-so-appropriate title ‘Confessions of a 20something Drama Queen’. I had no plans, intentions, or vision. It quickly became an outlet I hadn’t known I needed, and has since evolved into more than any project or hobby. It’s a constantly updated time capsule of my life. Our lives. Over the past 8 years, the topic of conversation around here has evolved — if you wander too far into the archives you’ll find a single college girl with too much time on her hands, blogging between classes and waitressing shifts. I’m all “grown up” now, with a big girl job and an adorable family, and this blog has grown up right along with me.

Sometimes I cringe when I think about those first few years and wish I’d been more consistent, more disciplined, more respectful. I wrote like no one was reading, because – they weren’t.  Once in a while I consider permanently “archiving” all those old posts, but I always chicken out. They deserve to be here. They are part of the story.

This blog has always been a personal journal.

Any educational merit, entertainment value, or sage advice (ha!) is purely a byproduct. I write what I know. Parenting, working, running, traveling — and balance. Through it all, there are traces of sarcastic humor, (over)dramatic ranting, and an unhealthy obsession with righting the world’s grammatical errors – though I most commonly describe the content here as fun and harmless nonsense.

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I’m a slave to digital social networking (like you’re not!), so you can connect with me on Twitter, via the Musings of Mother Hood Facebook fan page, or by leaving a comment on this site. I’m also happy to field questions or comments via email — sarah (dot) martin (dot) hood (at) gmail (dot) com.

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